School Contests


The school contests help schools earn points prior to the Trivia Competition.  Points vary based on the contests below. See each contest for the rules and point values. The running tally is updated after each competition or after trivia questions for the Battle Books are submitted. To submit trivia questions, see the main page. 


During Battle Night, each school team with begin the Trivia Competition with their current tally as of Battle Night, April 26, 2019. Any student reading the Battle Books is encouraged to submit to the contests below. Note contest deadlines before submitting. 

January Contest: Bookstagram


What's a Bookstagram?

A Bookstagram is a photo that features one of the Battle books in a creative way using props, lighting, or positioning.


Rules for Bookstagrams

One Battle book per photo. No human faces. Photographs must contain appropriate content. Entries must be sent to and must be received by January 31, 2019. State in the email with the entry if your bookstagram can be displayed on RCS Battle of the Books social media sites. 


Contest Points

Seven winners will be chosen by RCS staff and PTSA/PTA Council members -- one for each Battle Book -- and 500 Battle points will go to each winner's school. Good luck and have fun!!! 

February's Contest: Book Trailers

Create a Book Trailer for One of the Battle Books


Video Trailers are now just as popular for books as they are for movies. Create a book trailer lasting between 45 seconds and 2 minutes for one of the Battle Books. Set the tone. Flash key images. Give a general hook for the book or act out the plot. BUT DON'T GIVE AWAY THE ENDING!

The Rules


Contest is open from February 11 to March 8. Submissions can come from individuals or from a team and should be emailed to If your file is too big for the gmail account, let us know via email, and we will send you a link for our Dropbox folder. NOTE: Any actors who appear in the videos must have a signed Media Release Form so their image can be shared during our Battle Night and/or on the BOTB social media sites. 

Media Release Form

Sharing and Scoring


Videos may be uploaded to share on the BOTB Twitter and Instagram pages with creators' permission. Videos will be judged by RCS Staff, and six point awards will be given for the winning videos. 

1st place - 500 pts.

2nd place -- 300 pts.

3rd place - 200 pts.

3 Runners-up - 100 pts. each

**** UPDATE****

1st Place = Stoney Creek

2nd Place = Adams

3rd Place = Adams

**** Videos will be shown during Battle Night****

Book Trailer Submissions

Hunting Prince Dracula -- 1st Place Winner


Stoney Creek = 500 pts.

See the Book Trailer

The Lines We Cross -- 2nd Place Winner


Adams = 300 pts. 

See the book Trailer

The Lines We Cross -- 3rd Place Winner


Adams = 200 pts.

see the book trailer

March's Contest: Six-Book Collage

One Collage


Each school will get a giant piece of paper to hang and decorate in their school. 

Use All Six Books


School teams should make a plan to somehow cohesively use images from all the Battle books in the collage. School teams have from March 15 until April 15 to finish their collage.

Scoring the Winner


Collages will be judged by RCS Staff based on unity, creativity, and artistic expression. 

1st-place gets 1000 pts. 

2nd place - 750 pts. 

3rd - 500 pts. 

4th - 250 pts.

BOTB Video Release Form

Media Release Form for RCS Battle of the Books (docx)


Media Release Form for RCS Battle of the Books (pdf)